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Thermo-Nuclear 80s Dance Party!

 Whether you’re looking to have an eighties themed party, hosting for your most valued clients, or planning the most important day of your life, you can’t afford to take risks when it comes to your big event. If you want your guests to rave about your party and be the one that they’ll never forget,  then Riskee Bizness Totally 80s is the party band for you.  

Totally bitchin' retro dude! This ain't no disco. This ain't no fooling around!


Why the 80s?

Every generation has a feeling that is defined by the music of that time period. For us, this was it. When MTV was just a baby, undeveloped and uncorporate. It was exciting. Words like dude, bitchin', totally, retro, bodacious dominated speech. Your look defined who you were at that time.  Technology collided with melody and fashion and thus, the 80s music revolution was created. No, it wasn’t all good, but when it was good, it was great (Blondie, Madonna, Bon Jovi, the Romantics, Michael Jackson, Journey, Dead or Alive, The Gap Band, Europe… the list goes on and on.” 


If You Are Looking For AMAZING Entertainment

Look no further!  RiskeeBizness is Florida's Top 80s Cover Band. This HIGH-ENERGY, Vegas-Style 80s entertainment act combines audience interaction with 80’s dance music that will have your people dancing, laughing and making new friends ALL NIGHT LONG! Great vocals, awesome musicians, a computerized light show... all combine for a non-stop party for your event.

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